Why This Blog Exists: My Story

I did it and you can too!

My Story, (briefly)

I moved to Los Angeles after graduating college into the cheapest room I could find; the first check for $300 a month cleared by $43.

I then proceeded to work my ass off, with one goal in mind, SAVE money.

What was I saving for? Not a rainy day, but rather a sunny one.

One I could enjoy without looking out of the window of an office.

I saved for the freedom to do what I wanted, when I wanted.

Yes, I went without. While my friends bought nice cars, and alcohol for prospective dates, I drove the same Toyota until it broke down, and was dryer than Utah.

I only worked a 9-5 for a brief amount of time, then always for myself. I was also lucky enough to be 23 during the internet boom.

I put the money in the bank, made some wise investments which grew the nest egg, and today have the ability to travel and work when I Choose to, and often from whatever location I am in.

My goal in saving was to let my money start working for me, so that I could have free time. The definition of investing: consuming less now so that you can consume more later.

It doesn’t take as much as you’d think to lead such a lifestyle, especially if you’re single, or your partner is willing to live minimalistically. And for each of you out there reading, your criteria will be different than mine. Some may want and feel that they need way more, and some of you could do with less, but my goal is to help inspire and offer specific tips on building your nest egg.

If you have a thought, comment, tip or suggestion that will benefit others, then by all means drop us a note, and make sure to subscribe to stay abreast of not only my tips and inspiration, but our community’s as well.

Warren Buffett- don’t swing the bat unless you know

So much noise surrounding investing. So many analysts yelling this and that, Jim Cramer pounding the table about stock after stock, which he has only cursory knowledge of, and here you’re tasked with making investment decisions for your nest egg amidst the din.
Of course, success leaves clues, and here Warren Buffett explains why you should be very selective when you take your swings at the proverbial investment plate.

Take your time, analyze, and really know what you are buying and WHY. A rule of thumb, which Peter Lynch (a highly successful fund manager) espoused years ago, start with a company whose product you like, investigate, and go from there.

Want Extra Cash? AirBnb your place, or Just a Room

People who are successful are normally incredibly efficient. Not only with their time, but with their resources as well. if you are looking to make extra cash, why let your place, or a room, or even a spare couch if you want, lie vacant when you can utilize them to fatten your pockets?

So you have a space, and you’re leaving for a two week vacation somewhere, or on business. Put it up on AirBnb, set your price, whatever it’s worth for your trouble, and the day after your guest checks in, you get a nice addition to your bank account.

I have been a host for years, never had any real problem, certainly in a nice area I’ve helped pay the mortgage/ rent. You can choose who you want to have stay with you, read their reviews ahead of time.

How much can you make?

Depends on your location and what you’re offering. But the main thing is, at least for me, space that isn’t being utilized won’t lie fallow. The money will flow into your bank account, and now you have more to invest at an earlier stage, that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

It’s very simple, it will take you a few hours to set-up, and presto, you’re building/repairing your nest egg.

So, go ahead and sign-up and make some extra dough for a sunny day.